Meet Angie, Our Muse of the Month!

Meet Angie, Our Muse of the Month!

We love to see women going after all their dreams and goals! This month, we are highlighting Angie, an amazing mom, lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur! Keep reading for some gems and great advice!

Angie is wearing our Belle Chiffon Ruched Top and Sarai Satin Midi Skirt 

Name: Angie
Age: 30
Location: Raleigh NC
Job Title/Business: Corporate Buyer / Entrepreneur / Blogger / Social Media Consultant 
Social Media: Instagram @so_angie
What motivates/inspires you? I would say what motivates me most is my family. My family has always supported everything I do since I was a child. My biggest motivator lately is my 1 year old son. I work so hard because of him. Having a little person look up to you gives you a major push like no other. You never want to let them down. 

Angie is wearing our Rouge Tailored Blazer and Rouge Cuffed Shorts  

What fashion item is essential and a must-have in your closet? For me, the most essential must have item everyone should have in their closet is basic plain tops. I own so many basic tops in many colors like, white, black, nude, brown, grey, etc. You will never run out of anything to wear and the bonus is they are great layer pieces to go with a blazer, jacket, or cardigan. It's a Must!
How do you show yourself self love and self care? Stepping away from social media and giving my full attention to everything around me. Social Media breaks are so important, even for Bloggers. We spend so much time creating content and making a perfect feed that it can tend to weigh on you with the amount of pressure. It's important for my health to set days and times where I'll put my phone up and spend it with myself, my son, and my husband. 

 Angie is wearing our Madden Hoodie Gray and Madden Joggers Grey 

What inspirational book, podcast, or blog are you currently reading/listening to? I'm obsessed with Girl Boss, it will forever be a classic to me. 

What advice would you give to someone that is trying to begin a career or business in your industry? Learn to have patience. Blogging is a long journey and many people that are just getting started in this business have these high expectations that they will grow overnight. Well it's just not the reality of Bloggers. It takes time to grow and build your brand. So trust the process and remember to focus on Quality over Quantity. 
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